I never took my teachers' advice: "Tozzi, be on focus!"

My metatheoretic starting point is what I term “testable rationalism”: experimental previsions arising from top-down, deductive mathematical/topological approaches.    
Looking for unexpected, hidden multidisciplinary relationships, I have had the undeserved honour to publish in refereed Journals very different from each other  (e.g., nuts in Nature, New England Jornal of Medicine, Physics of Life Reviews, PLOS Biology, Cognitive Neurodynamics, International Journal of  Theoretical Physics, Entropy, Synthese, etc).     


MEDICAL EPISTEMOLOGY, GROUND THEORY     Tozzi A.  2024.  Medical Judgement in Data-lacking Contexts.  viXra:2405.0110.  

MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS      Tozzi A.  2024.  Ramanujan-derived Hypergeometric Functions Describe Hidden Coupled Dynamics in Physical and Biological Systems. viXra:2405.0059

ANCIENT HISTORY         Tozzi A. 2024.  The death of Muwatalli II, hittite king: a cold case dating back  to 1272 B.C.  Zenodo.  DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.11110823

PHYSICS & NEUROSCIENCE     Tozzi A. 2024.  Approaching Electroencephalographic Pathological Spikes in Terms of Solitons. Signals, 5, 281-295. https://doi.org/10.3390/signals5020015


Miscellanea (other than hard science!)