I do not like to be on focus. Looking for unexpected, hidden multidisciplinary relationships, I publish in rather different Journals (e.g., nuts in Nature, New England Journal of Medicine, Physics of Life Reviews, PLOS Biology, Cognitive Neurodynamics, etc) and fields (biology, physics, math, philosophy, history, medicine, and, above all, neuroscience). 

Despite my stern critique to some of the current attitudes toward scientific issues, I never take a full sceptic turn.  I engage in pragmatic active outreach, showing how fresh interpretation of everlasting questions sheds new light on operational approaches to countless scientific issues.  My metatheoretic starting point is what I term “testable rationalism”: testable experimental previsions arising from top-down, deductive mathematical/topological approaches.




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Tozzi A.  2021.  Lack of Disjointness in Genus-1 Surfaces: The Punctured Balloon Theorem.  viXra:2101.0005.  

Miscellanea (other than hard science!)