MATH & NEUROSCIENCE        Tozzi A.  2024.  When Math Meets Neuroscience: Relationships Between Elliptic Curves and Scalp EEG Wave Fronts. viXra:2404.0026.  
DYNAMIC SYSTEMS THEORY     Tozzi A.  2024.  Flock members experience gas pressures higher than lone individuals.  Biosystems, Volume 238, 105192. 
PHYSICS & NEUROSCIENCE     Tozzi A.  2024.  Approaching EEG Pathological Spikes in Terms of Solitons.  viXra:2402.0155The astonishing traveling solitary waves that do not waste energy could be present in EEG traces of epileptic patients.  
GASTROENTEROLOGY        Tozzi A, Minella R.  2024.  Dynamics and metabolic effects of intestinal gases in healthy humans.  Biochimie.    PDF

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EVOLUTION OF LIFE      Tozzi A, Mazzeo M.  2023.  The First Nucleic Acid Strands May Have Grown on Peptides via Primeval Reverse Translation. Acta Biotheor 71, 23.        PDF


      I never took my teachers' advice: "Tozzi, be on focus!"

I am a pediatric doctor who loves to sail in many seas, from mathematics to physics, from biology to medicine, from philosophy to history and linguistics and, above all, logic and neuroscience. 

My metatheoretic starting point is what I term “testable rationalism”: experimental previsions arising from top-down, deductive mathematical/topological approaches.  

Looking for unexpected, hidden multidisciplinary relationships, I have had the undeserved honour to publish in refereed Journals very different from each other  (e.g., nuts in Nature, New England Jornal of Medicine, Physics of Life Reviews, PLOS Biology, Cognitive Neurodynamics, International Journal of  Theoretical Physics, Entropy, Synthese, etc).      

Miscellanea (other than hard science!)