Despite my criticism, I never take a full sceptic turn.  I engage in pragmatic active outreach, showing how fresh interpretation of eternal philosophical questions paves the way to novel operational approaches to countless scientific issues. 

My metatheoretic starting point is what I term “testable rationalism”: experimental previsions arising from top-down, deductive mathematical/topological approaches.




Mappings and projections: when abstraction meets the world

Induction reloaded: heretic approaches to cause/effect relationships

Borsuk-Ulam theorem: a novel paradigm?

The brain from above: a gauge theory of nervous activity

The life from above: a gauge theory of cellular activity

Sheaves in your brain: math & nerves



Multidimensions in a symmetric world

Multidimensional flows in the physical world

The multidimensional brain

Hidden symmetries in the brain

Demons in your brain: nervous evolution in multidimensions

Quantum computers in 4D



Lines & points, continuum & infinity: ancient sceptical disputes lead to a novel physics

When points and lines do not exist, hyperbolic geometry comes into play

When Achilles meets the Alexander horn, he leaves the straight way and overtakes the turtle

Pairwise comparison: continuum between three apples and three bananas



Being, Essence, Existence and their physical counterparts

Heidegger & the quantum vacuum



Space & time reloaded

A Spinozian pre-Big Bang

Biology with no time

Einstein in the brain



Against the Ockham's razor. the Multiple before the One: what if Alain Badiou was right?

Why should natural principles be simple?

Hidden oscillations in your brain

Supramolecular phrenology: not just spikes!



Killing information (and information entropies in the brain)

A novel approach via the Banach-Tarki paradox

Random walks are not so random, after all…

Moving puppets with fractals and entropies

Investigating objects from outside 



Is the lipidic bilayer inside or outside the living cell?

Are borders inside or outside?

The border that is not a border: fuzzy holes demarcate objects

Leopardi  vs. Autrecourt on decision limit problems



Is the world inside or outside your mind? Is your mind inside or outside the world?

When you look at the horizon in the sky

The topological horizons of Gibson's perception



How is an object in your mind?

How nice! The multidimensional imagined cat

What if  the poor Richard Avenarius was right? A theory of knowledge




Logic, Language and  semantics endowed  in human brains

The principle of identity 4.0: A=A turns A against A

When neuro-semantics rewrites the mighty Tractatus

Beyond Mach: complexes of multi-sensations




English translation of Richard Avenarius’ Kritik